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Friday, 25 January 2013

Let's get going then

Happy new year you lot. Belated, I know, but heartfelt nonetheless. Just so you know, my New Years resolutions are to drink less beer, be less fat, and listen to at least one new band a day, even if its a single song. Not succeeding at any so far but it's the thought that counts.

I'm also committing to doing more blogging and writing for the mighty, which I'm pretty sure I can stick to. But enough of this inane drivel.

Bring Me The Horizon. I've never liked them and always think of Oli Sykes as a bit of a clown. However, Sepiternal, their fourth album due out in April, is receiving critical acclaim and is being paraded around as a real game changer for this troupe of Northern monkeys. It is for that reason that I shall give it an open-minded listen and report back. I know you're all dying to hear my opinion.

The year has started well for metal. The elegantly-titled Carnage Slaughter and Death from Zombified (February 5th) and Lateral Constraint from Gloria Morti (February 5th) are a couple of brutally heavy new releases that I've been enjoying. They don't feel like top ten material yet but it's only January for fucks sake, so chill out.

However, the biggest decision I have to make this year is, which gig do I choose? Allow me to embellish; up until mid 2011, me and the missus would go to see at least one live band a month but since the little one was born 11 months ago this trend has petered out somewhat. For this reason, my phenomenal other half will be providing me with tickets to the gig of my choice this year.

Sadly, she's already vetoed Download, Bloodstock, and the recent Strung Out/Lagwagon/Pulley/Pennywise show in Hollywood, so I'm on the lookout. Having missed my 2012 number one band While She Sleeps TWICE in the last few months I'm praying they pull off a headline tour supported by Crossfaith, as this would cause my pants to explode with metallic pleasure.

If anyone has any other absolute must-sees, you know where to find me.