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Monday, 13 April 2009


Good lord I've eaten a lot of Easter eggs.

There's been another shedload of bands confirmed for Download, a fair few of whom are unknowns to this MADman. There's always Bring Me The Horizon, though. The fully tattooed teenage reprobates from Sheffield who, despite being increasingly respected since the release of latest joint "Suicide Season", still seem to me to be little more than, well, a troupe of cuntages. I'll go and see them as I don't want to be stuck on their too-many-tatts-too-early and shitwank hair; I'll give them a chance to convert me.....hmmm....
Stone Gods are there; meh. Fightstar are back; gaaaay. Staind have confirmed....I sincerely hope they're not as colon-openingly dull as when I last saw then as they have some awesome tracks in their back catalogue of post-grunge American-ness ("Um, hello???", September 23rd, 2008).

A bit of background reading on Facecage makes them seem an interesting proposition. Hailing from Slipknot's home town of Des Moines, Iowa, they're about to have their fourth album produced by Corey "number 8" Taylor. Could be one to watch....

Sisters Of Mercy review coming soon, if anyone cares.

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