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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The secret's out

And alas, more rock doth come. Metal titans Thunder have been confirmed as one of the secret bands for this years Download, which adds to the plethora of pure headbanging awesomeness already on the bill! I can now confidently say that Download 2009 will be the hairiest event I will ever attend...

In addition, St. Albans shitcore troupe Enter Shikari will also be gracing the stage. I have rarely been less bothered by an announcement to be honest but I guess you've got to keep the youngsters happy. I've heard many people hail these guys as the pioneers of "trance metal" but to be honest, Pitchshifter had this kind of shit recorded many moons ago so Enter Shikari ain't doing anything inspirational. I'm not going to cane them too hard as they haven't ever really offended my sensibilities but I can safely say that their set will well and truly pass me by.

It looks like it's going to be pant-soilingly terrible weather (so Thunder in terms of band and weather then? Ha ha! Sorry, I'm so tired...) but as Hot Chick rightly said, that's why God invented gay yellow ponchos and wellington boots. Not for me though. I'll be down to my vest and pants in the pit getting my air guitar on...

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