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Friday, 6 November 2009

People suck, labels rule

It's generally accepted that as a metaller, punk, goth, whatever, you're going to get looked at. People will make comments, you might get the odd snigger but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? I love getting a reaction from people and I think if you're reading this blog, you probably do too.

What really grinds my gears is arseholes. Not actual arseholes, for they are simply a functional orifice. I mean arseholes who decide it's okay to assault women on her wedding day because she's got pink hair. Last weekend, Lucy Emmingham and her new hubby were leaving their wedding reception, at which point she got pushed down a flight of concrete stairs by three cunts, then beaten and kicked, leaving her in a real state. I've put a link to the article in my list, please have a read. After Sophie Lancaster, you'd hope people would have learned a lesson.

Apologies for the immensely heavy opening to this post but it needed to be said!

And now onto the usual nonsensical babblings...

I've just finished a list of questions for an interview with Australian melodic metallers Voyager which I'll be writing up on MetalasFuck in the not too distant future. I'm keen to find out who they think would win in a fight between them and A-Ha as I'm sure you all are (don't worry, that will make sense once the interview's published). I can't make up my mind about Voyager. Part of me thinks it's decent, crisp metal but the other part of me thinks it's a bit fucking weedy. Not that everything needs 800bpm double kick and vocals that would set off your nan's arthritis but a bit of guts is always good.

I'm a big fan of record labels this week. Roadrunner have kind distributed Awake, a track from Mutiny Within's debut album. It's an awesome mix of blastbeats and metalcore; if the rest of the album turns out this good, happy fucking days. Also, Earache have decided that Gama Bomb's new album should be given away free so if you're a fan of thrashing like a spastic in three minute bursts, click on the link, get some beers in and enjoy.

Until next time...



Sa-da-KO said...

I have a love hate relationship with labels maily because Roadrunner know their shit and seem to nail it everytime but ive seen bands from this area (liverpool)chewed up and spit out, Carcass hardly ever earned a penny up until recently when they must of re-cut a deal, i used to see Jeff walker & Bill Steer about poor as shit. old friends of ours SSS still touring but never really breaking through,Visable noise took on nu-metallers numberoneson in 2002-3 toted them as UK's savour of metal and the singer is now working as a comunity support officer. its hard seeing your idols/friends never actually "making it" (whatever that actually means) when these labels seem to thrive.

saying that id sign to any of the above in a heartbeat sounds like ablast ha!

MADman said...

I was listening to S.S.S early today, oddly enough.

There does seem to be many years of suffering and pain before the rewards come in for bands on major labels, which goes some way to explaining the resentment that fans feel for overnight success stories. Trivium, for example, hit big very early on in their career, which made a lot of people think they hadn't paid their dues and were therefore undeserving.

It's a shame that bands are so reliant on label funding. Close mates of mine in now-defunct metalcore outfit The Hurt Process had to quit because they simply couldn't afford to do it any more. They too were that close so fucking close to making it.

But labels open big, heavy doors that it's impossible to get through on your own!

Can't live with them, can't live without them.