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Friday, 24 September 2010

Skinheads and kvltsters

Speaking to a colleague about political stance in the pub the other night (definitely a few Guinness into the evening), she was generally shocked to hear I was of left wing opinion. I wondered why and after a bit of 'erm, well...' it came down to the simple fact that j'ai un skinhead.

I want to put this out there early doors; I have a skinhead but am not technically a 'skinhead'. The whole idea of what it is to be a skinhead is a bit confused nowadays; the style emerged fifty-odd years ago as a purely fashion thing, and since then has been adopted by everyone from far left to far right. It ain't just neo Nazis who buzz cut the ol' dome, that's just the unfortunate and most common label attached to us baldy-by-choicers.

In fact, most educated people know that the ska and reggae movement which originated in Jamaica was a founding element of skinheads. Punk and Oi all developed from traditionally black music. But if you're a skinhead listening to punk music, you must be a Nazi. Hmmm.

Anyway, I could continue but won't as this is not amusing and probably not enriching your Friday Metal Harmony, metal. Have I mentioned System Divide yet? Without doubt the best metal I've heard in [exaggerated time frame]. Their debut full length album The Conscious Sedation is a work of wonderfulness which caused me much excitement. Loads of people will probably hate it but then they're retarded.

Whilst I remember, Dimmu Borgir are streaming their new album here for 48 hours only so get stuck in when you've finished reading here (link in the list, as per). I'm unlikely to get a chance to sit and dissect it so let me know what it's like. Dimmu do tend to polarise opinions but as far as I'm concerned it's pretty obviously black metal, no? They're another victim of the kvlt masses who refuse to like a band with more then seven fans. There's definitely value in that attitude; I can't think of anything worse than going to a gig where there's an actual crowd. That would be fucking shit.

Got to go, I need a poo. Bye.



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