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Friday, 12 November 2010

Getting Creative. Or not.

I don't have an iPod. Not for any particular anti-Apple agenda; in fact, it's fair to say it's one of the most important technology organisations of our generation. I just happen to have a Creative Zen instead which to me, is a perfectly adequate bit of kit. Until this week, when the fucking bastarding shitter decided to format itself and delete 28Gb of musical wonderment. 6,000-odd tunes down the pan. And being a special type of spastic, nothing had been backed up. Yes, yes, I know. Just leave it.

There is one small reason as to why I haven't gone on some kind of murderous rampage yet, and that's mainly due to the fact that I'm an old fashioned motherfucker so still have all my CDs, and thanks to the awesome nature of Metal Blade and Earache's distribution channels, still have access to a boat load of their material. I've lost some absolute beauties but it could be a lot worse. Now if someone would care to donate anything to the Get MADman A 160Gb iPod Fund I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, shit happens. What happens that isn't shit is Devildriver working on their new album Beast, which is coming our way in February (or thereabouts). I get as excited about new Devildriver album releases as I do about birthdays (not quite old enough to dread birthdays yet) and I'm hoping they continue to build on the monumentally huge Pray For Villains and The Last Kind Words. I'm going to miss their tour with 36 Crazyfists this year but the prospect of a new album tour in 2011 gives me a heroic pants missile.

The countdown to the Top Ten of 2011 is well underway so watch out for that in December - I'm not sure of the exact date as I tend to spend around 85% of the month drunk so bear with me...

Love you long time


Crushtor said...

Creative Zen players can't be faulted on uptime or longevity. I have only had to reset my Zen 3 times in 6 years and none of them were "hard resets" that required a format. But yeah, sucks to hear that.

Kay Smoljak said...

don't get an ipod - Apple have appalling business practises. and then you're just like every other ijerk :)

MADman said...

Crushtor - you're right; until it packed up it's been an absolute beauty. I think I just said some things I didn't mean in the heat of the moment, will probably end up getting another one...
Kay - I am concerned about the lack of originality with an iPod but it does seem like the easy way out!

Will just have to leave it up to Father Christmas to decide I suppose