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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Skins to strings

As you can probably guess from my previous posts, I'm a skinsman, and have been ever since good ol' mum and dad entertained my teenage wishes and bought me a kit aged about 14. After many months of playing virtually all of Green Day's "Dookie" album with my mate Perrett, throwing in the occasional Nirvana and the opening few bars of "Girl From Mars" by Ash (it gets boring after it kicks in at the start, so we just stopped), I had to leave for uni and so leave the kit. 'Twas a sad day. But in the years that followed I've become a professional desktop tapper, much to the annoyance of, well, everyone I've ever met.
My hot ass wife recently bought me a small electric set, complete with foot pedals, so I've been nailing some Cradle of Filth and NOFX on that for the last few months but the time has come for me to make the plunge. Down with the sticks and up with the strings.
Bro dude is a shit hot self taught bassist with an arsenal of axes, so he was my first port of call. Obviously he nailed rhythm guitar too so had a six-string laying about which is now sitting in casa del MADman. So far I've mastered a C.
Next stop, Free Bird.

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