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Friday, 2 April 2010

One Million Beers

There are certain things at which metallers aren't very good; washing regularly, accepting that Slayer can't headline every festival every year, dancing to R&B, and so on. However, there are also things at which we excel, one of which is drinking.

Wine, Jaegermeister, vodka - all staples of the metal way. But king upon kings has to be beer. Drinking a good pint of beer whilst watching a live metal band is the emotional equivalent of a Christian giving Jesus a handjob; it's an intensely epic experience.

With this in mind, and fueled by some of this magical liquid, I was chatting to Biodagar and Goatlady (editor of MetalasFuck and uber-metal MaF contributer respectively) about who could drink the most, drink the hardest, and so on. Clearly being Australian, they're used to shit weak beer and little else. Those of you who are bored enough to read this blog regularly will know I'm always going on about having had a million beers and enjoy a solid pint of Guinness, farty English ales, etc. I thought we should make something of this. The mental Aussies agreed.

An lo, with Biodagar and Goatlady's technical wizardry, One Million Beers For Metal was born. If you're at a gig, party, festival, whatever, and you're smashing a beer, take a photo and send it to us. Our aim is simple - photos of one million beers being consumed in the name of metal. There's a Flickr group, the official website is here and we want you all to get involved. The UK obviously has the best beers so will no doubt have the most submissions so get stuck in.

Think you're metal, eh? Get your ugly mug on the site then.*

*Please note: drink responsibly as I don't want your parents contacting me and complaining that you drank yourself to death like a complete fucking pussy

Now go enjoy Easter. Celebrate the time that Jesus died, then got reborn in a chocolate egg which turned into a large bunny.

Much love



Nothingman said...

This is very interesting. I know many beer drinkers who'd love to be a part of this. I hope it's cool with you if I link this post to my blog, A Story A Day :)

Rock on!


MADman said...

Not at all my friend, link away - it's a big task so the more like-minded beer monsters we have on board the better!