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Friday, 9 April 2010

You might hate me for this

I really don't get Steel Panther. Actually, let me rephrase; I got Steel Panther. I laughed at Death To All But Metal, I saw them live, it was humorous, we all smiled and guffawed, and a merry time was had by all. The bit I don't understand is why the fuck they're still here?

I'm not trying to be deliberately controversial as they are talented musicians but really? With the hilarious 80's schtick and comedy blowjob gags? Is no-one else bored of this yet? Am I some kind of freak? I'm genuinely bemused as to why these guys are still getting air time.

Unfortunately the Steel Panther situation has put me in a bit of a ranty mood so apologies. Or not. Actually, not. Fuck off.

The other band in the "should love but don't" pile this week is Airbourne. Before you start crying and scouring forums for a scathing insult, hear me out. Airbourne sound a bit like AC/DC, the way that Iron Maiden sound a bit like Iron Maiden. I've seen them live (granted, it was at a festival) and they were a great rock and roll band but I have issues. They've rocketed up the popularity rankings pretty quickly and I can't help but feel the metal community will turn on them. When Trivium came along, they experienced huge success in a relatively short period of time, so all the old school metal elite thought "actually, these cunts can fuck off, we don't like them any more as they got too big too quick and sound like Metallica".

I get the feeling Airbourne will soon get the same shit off of the same people; "hang on, they sound like AC/DC. I withdraw my support and shall blog furiously about how shit and unoriginal they are whilst sacrificing my first born to Manowar".

I may be wrong but I reckon Airbourne will be shot down soon in the not too distant future (pun intended).

Oh, festival update:
Download - no announcement
Sonisphere - amongst others, Sick Of It All, Europe, Therapy (playing Troublegum in full)

Sonisphere wins this week in a friggin' epic way. That Therapy set is almost enough to make my genitals vomit.

Let's end on a high - me and a few of the chaps are off to see Sick Of It All tomorrow and I'm about nine hours away from a week off work. That, my friends, is what's known in the business as a 'fucking result'.

Ta ta



Kay Smoljak said...

I'm with ya on Airbourne. If I want to listen to AC/DC, I can do that. In fact, as an Australian I feel quite embarrassed - we have real metal bands down here as well you know, honestly!

MADman said...

You definitely do - Rose Tattoo, for example. Any band who's lead singer can provide a seminal theme to a Neighbors wedding is alright in my book :)