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Friday, 18 March 2011

You're the best, around...

A few mates and I used to play a game, normally during working hours whilst we were pretending to be busy and professional. You've probably all done it but the rules are simple; who would be your ultimate super group? You can have as many people as you like provided that combined, they make a cohesive band, so twelve lead guitarists is not acceptable. But if you feel the need to put in a sitar player then it's perfectly acceptable to get yourself a bit of Ravi Shankar in the lineup.

Today I've decided to revisit this high level piece of musical analysis on a genre-specific basis, although I'm not breaking down into 'death metal', 'black metal', 'hardcore' and so on because some total bellend will invariably have a hissy fit about who fits where. So with this in mind:

Punk Supergroup

Vocals - Greg Graffin, Bad Religion
Lead guitar/backing vocals - Frankie Stubbs, Leatherface
Rhythm guitar - Eric Melvin, NoFX
Bass - Matt Freeman, Rancid
Drums - Derrick Plourde, formerly Lagwagon

Metal Supergroup

Vocals - Ryan McCombs Drowning Pool
Lead guitar - Dave Mustaine Megadeth
Rhythm guitar - Dimebag Darrell Abbott formerly Pantera/Damageplan
Bass - Steve Harris Iron Maiden
Drums - John Boeklin DevilDriver

Stadium Rock Ultra Awesome Supergroup

Vocals - David Coverdale, Whitesnake
Lead guitar - Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits
Rhythm guitar - Steve Stills, Crosby, Still and Nash
Bass - Bakithi Kumalo, African bassist, played on Paul Simon's Gracelands album
Drums - Keith Moon, The Who

It's something you can spend a bollock-achingly long time on and it brings out the twat in us all, as no-one agrees. But the beauty of it is there's no right or wrong answer. Unless your line-up includes any members of My Chemical Romance.

If you can be arsed, post your winners on here.

Peace, love and painful intercourse,



Simon said...

Punk Band SuperGroup!

Lead Vocals/Guitar: Chris Hannah (propagandhi)
Bass: Matt Freeman (rancid)
Drums: Dave Raun (lagwagon)
Guitar/Vocals: Tim McIlrath (rise against)
Back-up Vocals : Denis Buckley (88 fingers louie) & Milo Aukerman (descendents)

Keyboard/Uke/Banjo : Sascha Lazor (mad caddies)
Trumpet : Mark Bush (voodoo glow skulls)
Trombone : Stephen Bradley ( no doubt)
Saxaphone : Matt Appleton (less than jake)

this is my supergroup i would have millions of other people - this was hard!

Simon said...

by the way i put less than jake but i meant reel big fish!

MADman said...

Tim McIlrath is a very good shout...I might shoehorn him in some how...

Nice work on the horns section :)

Simon said...

i like the fact that in my punk band i have got a choir of Denis Buckley and Milo Aukerman!

that was super hard so so so so many fuckers i wanted to put in! i mean Fat Mike.......but then Matt is the sickest bass man in the world!
Drummers was a hard shout! Singers fuck me man that is hard.....can i have a band with 400 people in it?