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Friday, 18 November 2011

You're so good for me...

Andy Copping yesterday confirmed that The Prodigy will join Metallica and Black Sabbath as headliners for Download 2012. The Braintree crew will top the main stage bill on Friday.

Its not a huge surprise that this announcement has been greeted with mixed emotions by the Download-attending community but let's get a couple of things confirmed early doors; The Prodigy are an excellent choice of headliner. They also aren't, and have never professed to be, metal.

I've been a fan of the Prodge since their debut album Experience back in 1992. I fell out of love with them after The Fat Of The Land but rediscovered my admiration with 2009's Invaders Must Die. But enough of my personal history. The fact is, The Prodigy have always completely transcended the traditional 90s dance genre populated by the likes of The Shamen, The Rat Pack, etc. They always said they would never appear on Top of the Pops because they didn't want to sell out and despite back to back number ones in the 1990s with Firestarter and Breathe, they stuck to their guns on this. It might not be metal but that's a pretty punk attitude.

There's also the music itself. Yes, there's the proper cheesy quaver (that's 'raver' to everyone born post 1990) tunes like One Love but Liam Howlett, the brains of the operation, has shown a massive variety of compositions over the years. Opening track Jericho on Experience is a dark, grinding rave anthem, Their Law (featuring Pop Will Eat Itself) from Music for a Jilted Generation and Serial Thriller from Fat of the Land are both guitar-led headbangers - you can find elements of numerous genres across their back catalogue.

But does this mean they deserve a headline slot at one of the world's foremost rock and metal festivals? Well, yes. They are a band that has never sold out, constantly developed their sound whilst staying true to their hard dance roots and in doing so, became one of the first true crossover bands that brought together ravers, metallers, punks and popsters. And if anyone reading this can show me someone who has never drunkenly thrown some shapes to No Good (Start the Dance) I can show you a fucking liar.

It's shaping up to be one helluva festival.



Scott Adams said...

They put fucking Pendulum on there every year. Not much difference really...

MADman said...

Pendulum wouldn't exist without The Prodigy, which they'd freely admit but there's a massive difference in sound!

Pendulum are good live but everything sounds the same, which can't be said of The Prodigy.

Simon said...

i agree prodigy are sweeeeeeet - and i think they kick arse big style live - ive seen them many times.
I dont think you have to question "are they metal enough for download" THEY ARE JUST AWESOME - and im sure everyone will know most of the songs - plus the live guitars/drums are hard and im sure they will crack it up to 11 for download - awesome choice - much much much better than pendulum!!!! and just a damb class act!!!!
I say "good choice" and you should listen to me........cos im Simon and Simon said!!!!!
Plus the metal community love enter shikari - and they are similar!