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Friday, 12 April 2013


A few days ago, whilst wandering around a miscellaneous retail outlet, I heard the soft sound of The Connells '74-75' coming over the PA. I started reminiscing about this tune as many years ago, I worked in a famous pizza eatery and this tune was on several hundred times a day, along with some number by Marcella Detriot and that one by Maria McKey.

It got me thinking about other classic one hit wonders, and as a result I've put together my Top 5 1990s Songs By Bands Who Whilst May Have Had A Prolific Career Are Only really Known For One Song list:

5. Smash Mouth - Walking on the Sun
They may have a multi-platinum, seven studio album career but I know absolutely bugger all about this Californian outfit aside from this jaunty summer number. Despite its ridiculously catchy, radio friendly sound, the B-side (Sorry About Your Penis) is sure to have offended a few. One to listen to with the top down and the system up.

4. Stiltskin - Inside
Alongside whiskey, haggis, my missus, The Proclaimers and unpredictable weather systems, one of Scotland's finest exports. 'Inside' was the only rock song that played at school discos when I was a nipper; I can't listen to it without remembering a circle of awkward lads with terrible hair attempting to headbang and playing air guitar. Unbelievably, I don't think I ever pulled.

3. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
Still used to death as background music on shows like MTV Cribs, My Own Worst Enemy is pretty much the perfect pop punk song. Bouncy as fuck guitars, massive singalongs, a couple of cheeky swear words to retain an edge; can't beat it. Despite Lit's two-and-a-half decade career, this is the only song anyone really gives a shit about.

2. Spacehog - In The Meantime
Possessing quite possibly the catchiest bassline of the 1990s, Spacehog's anthem is a post-grunge, indie classic. Lead singer Royston has an Eddie Vedder twang but this lot are actually from Yorkshire. Despite the chorus being almost completely indecipherable, you can't help but shout along. As an aside, a mate of mine was in a band many years ago who supported Spacehog in a Leeds dive, and described how surreal it was standing at the bar having a pint with Royston's wife, Liv Tyler.

1. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get

The song that made everyone in the 90s assume they liked ska. Sharp suits, a brass section, a quite mental frontman - when the Bosstones arrived with this stone cold classic in 1997 almost everyone loved it. Positive, upbeat, and underpinned by Dicky Barrett's legendary vocals, if you show me someone who's listened to this song without joining in on a big "AAAAAAAAAAH NEVER..." in the chorus I will show you a fucking liar.

If by any chance you don't know any of the above songs, your homework this week is to go and listen to them all immediately in the above order.

Class dismissed.


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