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Friday, 29 November 2013

A horrific moment for all of us

It's impossible to ignore the horrific revelations about Lost Prophets frontman Ian Watkins that have come to light this week. I'm not going to recycle any of the unnecessarily graphic detail released by the press as that kind of nastiness has no place on these pages. But I do want to have my say.

Never in my life have I felt such disgust and anger at another person. Operation Yewtree and the terrifying fact that every tv or radio personality over the age of 60 seems to be a paedophile is shocking but I have to I be honest, I haven't had the same reaction as I have to Watkins. I cheered as Lost Prophets delivered a sterling set to thousands of fans and naysayers at Download 2008; I sang along in full, tuneless voice as my brother's band covered Last Train Home; I defended their image change from skater punks to emo poster boys in the Rooftops video.

And now we find out that whilst all this was going on, the charismatic frontman is a fucking barbaric child molester. He used his position and the fact that young girls and women adored him to commit depraved, inhuman acts. I'm the proud father of a nearly two year-old girl, which has made me even more irate at everything he's done.

I wish death on Ian Watkins, I really do. He's said to be on suicide watch at the moment; I'd happily take a shift and help the fucker on his way. The one thing that offers any comfort is the fact that he has been stopped. Pleading guilty means he'll be spending a lot of time inside and people like him do not do well at Her Majesty's leisure.

Fans around the world with Lost Prophet tattoos will be lining up to get them removed, and the poor bastards who played alongside Watkins have seen their world as successful musicians collapse. Thousands of teenagers and twenty-somethings will be confused and betrayed by the sick actions of their former hero, a rat-faced little prick from Wales.

May you get what you deserve Ian Watkins. You have caused boundless pain and have showed no remorse. The world does not need another disease and you are a cancer. Do the honourable thing and blow your head off.


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