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Friday, 20 January 2012

Ranting against morons

Are people being serious? Are people actually bitching and moaning about the Download 2012 lineup? Are people fucking retarded?

I'm sure you've heard all this before so please feel free to change the channel but I'm tired, hungry, and subsequently a grumpy bastard.

Download is one of the biggest music festivals in the UK - I think I might be right in saying it's second only to Glastonbury - which means that bands have to appeal to a large audience or they won't sell tickets. And if they don't sell tickets, the festival can't go ahead. Music is a business, hence the phrase 'music business', and businesses have to make money or they close. Money pays for bands too, by the way. Believe it or not, musicians don't just do it for the love, hence AC/DC's multi-million pound headline set at Download 2010.

Like it or not, having Anaal Nathrakh headlining the opening night won't get 80,000 people dipping into their pockets for £150. And if you have any working brain cells you will be aware that regardless of how mainstream you think they are, most people outside of the metal community don't actually know who Lamb of God or Trivium are.

'I thought Download was supposed to be a rock festival?' quips some six-fingered mong on Facebook. He has a point, as Devildriver, Machine Head, Black Sabbath, Anthrax and Devin Townsend are all pop acts. Soundgarden definitely aren't a rock act either.

Yes, Chase and Status are playing, and they're currently enjoying massive airplay on Radio 1 and other mainstream platforms but fuck me, give them a chance to do their thing before start crying about it. How many people though Pendulum were a shit dance act before seeing them tear up Download every time they play?

Every single festival I've been to has included bands I like, hate, and am completely ambivalent towards. It's time to come to terms with the fact that not every festival lineup can be put together based on what you - yes you - listen to.

However, I for one am boycotting all music festivals until I get the following:

Headliners: Slipknot, Leatherface, The Police
Support: Helsingland Underground, Terror, Evergreen Terrace, Iron Maiden, Dr. Dre, Lagwgon, Gaslight Anthem, Carnifex, Motley Crue, Frank Sinatra, Cradle of Filth, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit and 90's boy band Point Break.

So there.



Dad At Home said...

Loving the line-up for the Metal Harmony festival. Let me know when tickets go on sale \m/

Simon said...

i agree - i wanna see that band Nirvana - they sound quite good - i hope they play soon - saying that they haven't released anything for a while..........anyway i want boy band North and South on that line up!!!! (remember them - kinda the original Busted) Anyway i agree - they chuck bands to bait people - but they do also keep the hardcore fans happy with shit loads of good bands (and line them up so you see most stuff you want) anyway not sure which fests im going to this year - what do you suggest? and no im not going to creamfields!!!!!

Simon said...

i say anyway alottttttt!!!! anyway back to work!!! Anyway speak soon - anyway anyway anyway - love you


MADman said...

@Simon I would do Download, most definitely. Yes there'll be a more diverse crowd than usual but fuck me it'll be an event!

@DadAtHome It would be something special :)

Sinister Pete said...

I am enraged by your omission of Rammstein, and therefore will not be attending your so-called 'festival'...

jon mears said...

How much just to see Point Break?

If they dont like it there is Bloodstock!? or T in the park(Thats very metal I believe)

apocalypse barbie said...

ppl will complain about anything, i would give anything to be back in england so that i could attend download, i am stuck in the ass end of nowhere music wise, fracking toronto arrgh!